Our Gallery

Here in Mousas Gallery, with our remarkable knowledge and experience in the furniture industry, we have created a significant collection of classic furniture in order to provide unique pieces to our clients.

Our collection consists of unique pieces from the Louis 15th and 16th period (Louis XV-XVI), the Baroque period (Baroque), and the French Imperial (French Empire) period, as well as the Art Deco period (Art Déco).

Since 1987, skilled artisans with passion and tenacity have carried on the history of classical furniture, so as to bring unique creations of that era in our days.

The restoration and maintenance methods we use strictly follow the traditional techniques ensuring the authenticity of our pieces.

Our goal is to continue the art of handmade furniture and to offer these unique pieces at affordable for our customers, prices.

In our gallery you will find all you need for your living room, dining room, office, bedroom in various designs and colours, incredible variety and great prices.

Apart from the excellent quality of our furniture and their timeless aesthetic, our experienced staff is always available to all interested parties for any maintenance of your furniture.